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The act of eating multiple McDonalds Big Macs, to the point of getting noxious McGas built up in your colon to such a tremendous degree, that you have the worst smelling farts ever. You then wait until your significant other is vulnerable and not expecting it, and that's when you throw the covers over his/her head and let out that tremendous McFart, thus causing a wave of noxious fumes that cause him/her to Mcwretch uncontrollably.
I Dutch McOvened Baxy, and it was so rank that he ralphed all of the Bud Lite, that he drank at the Vic, all over himself.
#mcdonalds #fart #dutch-oven #mcgas #nausea #ralph #puke #vomit
by Jame Gum January 12, 2011
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