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(1)Lighting a cigarette by placing it against a lit one. If you don't have matches or a lighter. Chain smokers are prone to do this.

(2) Banging a chick who just lays there.
He forgot his lighter and needed a light from his buddy who was already enjoying a cigarette. His buddy was out of matches. "got a light?"
"Here, Dutch fuck..."
I think it comes from the belief that Dutch people are without passion when they make love. "No fire."
by Froggygremlin June 28, 2013
To fuck someone between the breasts
I Would sure like to dutch fuck her
by Sanjeev Sharma May 06, 2003
to light a cigarette from the ember of anothers' cigarette.
I lost my lighter, give me a dutch fuck, would you.
by stanko korov November 15, 2007
Intercourse between the breasts, often to climax aka French Fuck, Tit Job, Titty Fuck
She was having her period so I got a dutch fuck off her instead
by Spinxmeister March 22, 2006