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When you knock a girl on the head with your wooden shoe after or while having sex with her. This is often done by drunk Dutch guys who realize, when starting to sober up, what the girl actually looks like.

The tap on the head will leave her unconscious or at the very least dazed and confused, hereby buying the guy enough time to make a quick and quiet escape. In addition, the guy will leave the clog on the bed next to her so that she has something to remember him by.

When the roles are reversed the name for this scenario is commonly known as Clog Knockout. In reference to the shoe as well as the girl that was obviously out of the guy's league.
Male: Dude! Why didn't you warn me when I took that monster home! Now I just had to give her a Dutch Farewell when I was able to see in 3D again and noticed how fugly she was!!
Damn! That Dutch supermodel that I picked up yesterday gave me a Clog Knockout when she realized what I looked like. Well that will teach not to try and get girls that far out of my league...

Female: OMG!! I was feeling so great doing that gorgeous guy yesterday! To bad that when he sobered up and looked me in the face, he immediately gave me a Dutch Farewell...
I can't believe I let that ugly monkey take me home yesterday!! I really need to stop drinking so damn much! Thank God I sobered up and gave him a Clog Knockout before he got my pants down!!
by GMMC February 08, 2010
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