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In simplicity, a fatherless Dutchman, a dutch pedophile, a Dutch homo, Or Johan Van Der Smut, "Goldmember."
Golmember is known as a Dutch bastard, and in extremely faggish actions, a crazy Dutch bastard. He does not have a fahza and loves gold. and testicles. Typical Dutch bastard
by Darkrai227 January 21, 2010
Similar to dutch oven. The act of shitting under someone's bed covers and waiting for the person to lay in it while you hide and wait for the reaction.
Ex1: Dude1:"Bro, I gave my girl a dutch oven last night."

Dude2:"Please, I heard George attempted to do a Dutch Bastard at his friends party."

Ex2: "My boss is such an asshole. I'm thinking about giving him a dutch bastard."
by ShadowSlashing March 23, 2013

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