A combination of the words "Dick and "Nuts". From a new song by the Ying Yang Twins titled "Duts".
You: Dude, what is your problem? You cant say dick in class!?
Me: Can't get these hoes off my duts.
by DaRK-WeBSTeR February 28, 2006
A dyke haircut, like a bowl cut for example.
"My hair cutter screwed up my hair."
"Yeah she totally gave you a dut."
by Ocyrus March 27, 2010
An alternative way to say haha. Used in response to something funny.
Person 1: Today I tripped down the stairs.
Person 2: dut you always do that.
by wordy_kid January 13, 2010
A slang saying for a womans lack of vaginal moisture, Dried Up Twat.
We used half a tube of KY jelly, she sure had a DUT.
by Lola R January 27, 2008
butters, ugly, rank looking
Andy Straiton: "he got confused for some dut ginger boy"

by Andy Straiton April 16, 2007
Da Underground Threat

DUT is a family...not a gang they dont hate but are hated on.it runs from Florida to New Jersey and consist of about 35 members.Many try and be like them such as GAG, BP, NB, and the whackest of all Hot Sex, but fact is DUT cannot be duplicated. So run with, us from us, or get ran the fuck over FUCK friends we family!....all other wanna be crews...FUCK U!
bob: "Hey u heard about that Hot Sex Crew?"
Cuzo: "FUCK THEM!...its all about DUT baby!"
by $Killa Kal$ June 02, 2008
slang word for a wooly hat worn in the winter, comes from Hartlepool, North East England
nice dut mate!
nice aint it!
by ste December 28, 2004

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