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Noun- A man's pussy ( a tranny)
Verb- cut a man's dick off.
Example 1(noun). Lealin has a dussy. He needs to wear jeans because he is having his deriod.

Example 2(noun). Dr. James performed the first dussy operation. He was puking the whole time.

Example 3(verb). If you touch me again, I'm gonna dussy you!
by JOhn Smith September 30, 2004
18 29
is a differnt word for pussy, vag, cunt, or va jay jay

1. I was dippin in that DUSSY
2. your moms DUSSY smells like rotten ass tuna

by NEVIN YA CUNT January 18, 2008
45 28
Dinosaur pussy, winner of Winter 2007-2008 Awkward Cup
Look at that Dussy! Dayummmmmmmm
by Keeper of the Dussy March 04, 2008
38 26
A vagina characterized by excessive wear and tear as well as the presence of numerous STDs.
Rhonda's been around the block; I bet she's got a sweet ol' dussy.
by Queen Street Milkman July 26, 2009
25 23
a dick-pussy.When one has both a dick and a pussy.
man that he-bitch gots a dussy. my dussy is wet and hard.
by jagerfiend October 18, 2008
2 4
dick and a pussy combioned
she/he has a dussy
by ajax63135 October 28, 2011
10 13
A person who's bisexual
Alex is a dussy, cuz he likes dick and pussy!
by LayzeeEyez July 18, 2009
17 20
Do you even know what dussy is?!
by couch sex January 07, 2014
0 5