the act of taking a rather large shit in your friends bathroom then not warning him about it
"yooo i just dropped a gnarly dussy in that kids washroom!"
by s'ducci May 30, 2011
Top Definition
is a differnt word for pussy, vag, cunt, or va jay jay

1. I was dippin in that DUSSY
2. your moms DUSSY smells like rotten ass tuna

by NEVIN YA CUNT January 18, 2008
Dinosaur pussy, winner of Winter 2007-2008 Awkward Cup
Look at that Dussy! Dayummmmmmmm
by Keeper of the Dussy March 04, 2008
A vagina characterized by excessive wear and tear as well as the presence of numerous STDs.
Rhonda's been around the block; I bet she's got a sweet ol' dussy.
by Queen Street Milkman July 26, 2009
dick and a pussy combioned
she/he has a dussy
by ajax63135 October 28, 2011
it`s the same as a twat.(=
your a dussy.
via giphy
by fungswae June 24, 2016
a dick-pussy.When one has both a dick and a pussy.
man that he-bitch gots a dussy. my dussy is wet and hard.
by jagerfiend October 18, 2008
A person who's bisexual
Alex is a dussy, cuz he likes dick and pussy!
by LayzeeEyez July 18, 2009
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