The combination of the words 'don't' and 'worry'.
Cal ripped Romy's top but she was chill and said 'durry'.
by ILOVEBARBIE July 24, 2015
A packet of cigarettes or more than one single cigarette.

The origin is unknown but the word has been in use since the 1940s.
"Mate, can you buy us a pack of durries?"
by johnnygun August 21, 2009
a smoker or a "durry Muncher" as called. who smokes nockoteen or however you spell it.
1 ; -" go smoke a durry faggot"

2 ; -" fucken durry munchers aye?"
by Durrymuncher December 03, 2007
A slang term to describe the lower socioeconomic being of society
ay dylan u durry fuck
by aidanbra April 17, 2008

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