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The dribbling of a small amount of phlegm from the the side of one's mouth, possibly as a result of eating soap. Often, durps can be caught in mid-swing, and this is known as a durp double-backfire (or DDB).
"Hey man, careful, you're doing a durp. Get that shit sucked in or it'll drip onto your pants."

"Oh my god he just did a durp!"
by Matt + Sned August 07, 2005
3 26
a durp is something you say if you dont have anything else to say
AUDIENCE: "Bush, what are your views on the war?"
BUSH: "durp"
by Kayristan October 12, 2005
467 190
The incorrect spelling of "derp".
Kid 2: It's not durp, it's derp. You're a derp.
by Derpasaurusrex November 04, 2010
110 78
A word created by Matt Stone and Trey Parker, some time ago starting around the time of cannibal the musical. it is a term of saying something along the lines of "oh shit i am fucking retarded". More people might recognize it the word with the character Mr. Durp whom replaced Chef, and when he would say something stupid would hit himself in the head with a fucking hammer.
"If you loved Chef you'll love Mr. Durp *Whack* 'DURP'".
by Betoman November 13, 2007
165 141
Durp is commonly used as a way to greet a companion, usually when entering a room. Durp is the natural progression from other such greetings (see below). Also it can be said in approval of an opinion or statement or when showing off about something.
What is up? -> What's up? -> Wassup? -> Waddup? -> Sup? -> Durp?
1) Guy 1 *enters room*: DURP?
Guy 2: DURP!!

2) Guy 1: Lord of the Rings is epic
Guy 2: Durp.

3) Guy 1: Just completed Angry Birds and got 3 stars on every level, DURP?!
by Jimmony6 May 12, 2011
66 51
A word referring to someone who is stupid. Stupid in a naive, klutzy way. Word originates from sound effects that accompany sluggish, dopey activity, "durp a durp a durp."
If you are lifting your coffee cup to your mouth, as you awkwardly say 'hello' to your co-worker, and accidentally splash your face... you're a durp.

Related words: derp, durpadurp.

Synonyms: stupid, dopey, naive, clueless, clumsy, klutz, awkward, innocent, god's child.

Antonyms: aggressive, sharp, smart, brilliant, clever.
by LitMajor July 23, 2012
8 2
retards who think they can play sports
Man, look at those durps, thinking they can woop us.
by jon8908 June 14, 2011
5 3
Symonym for Slurpee sold at 7-11, used in NSW, Australia
"Want to go to 7-11 for a durps?"
by JJsydd September 16, 2009
4 3