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Steeped in elaborate traditions, with a passionate and powerful old girls guild; Durban Girls' College has proven to be the hallmark of world class education and the go-to school for the rich and powerful, new and old-monied, high society families who wish to give their daughters - an education.

Cultural Reference:

For american readers, DGC is a school that has a social culture and atmosphere among its student body that is as vibrant and elite as Nightingale-Bramford School and Convent of the Scared Heart in UES Manhattan. The tuition of Durban Girls' College is relatively akin to these aforementioned schools as well.

Common "College Girl" Traits:

Developing Exclusionary slang eg. George

- Used to describe any pronunciation or grammatical error spoken by faculty or students. Originated from a particular Zulu teacher who would often provide DGC girls with much amusement with her native accent.
I'm from Durban Girls' College.
by DGCgossipgirl_Followmexoxo May 16, 2011
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