The best band ever complete with great music, awesome makeup, and 'the' hair. They formed in the eighties, and have made a comeback with their album Astronaut.
Did you see that picture of Duran Duran on the net? Simon LeBon looked totally sexy...
by theblizzardcat August 04, 2005
Top Definition
Kick-ass 80s pop-rock band from Great Britain, that made it to the tops of the charts several times over with hits like "ordinary world", "hungry like the wolf", "new moon on monday", "I dont want your love", and "come undone". Their major run of success and music production lasted from 1981 to the early 90s, when they made a final, major commercial success album.
My favorite Duran Duran song is "Come Undone"
by The Kentucky Yankee October 25, 2004
Probably the most talented pop group of the 80's......apart from Kraftwerk
Wild Boys!
by zutroy June 09, 2004
A 'Lazarus' style 80s phenomenon. Never really dead, just sleeping - and now encouraging many other 80s bands to create their own powerful resurrection.
Duran Duran
Spandau Ballet
Tears for Fears
by Jules Jansen April 04, 2004
A hot band frome the 80's with all members freakin hot with the best music ever !!!
Man Duran Duran has the best music ever I love them and Simon LeBon :)
by simonlebonswife April 19, 2009
A diverse 80's new wave pop band that kicked some serious ass with catchy tunes like "Hungry Like the Wolf" "Planet Earth," "A View To A Kill," some dark and exotic tunes like "The Chauffeur" and some touching ballads such as "Ordinary World."
Simon Le Bon is the vocalist of Duran Duran and he is SUPER SEXY!!...And this is coming from a guy!
by Giritina July 27, 2009
Early 80s Japan tribute band. Also heavily influenced by Andy Warhol, David Bowie, Roxy Music, and Chic.
"Hey, I never knew Andy Warhol was in Duran Duran"
by erictapeworm December 18, 2009
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