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A person with a little pinner.
Often he is a nigger with no friends and is a tall piece of shit. He acts strong but he loves the cock in the ass. A Duom has never had a girlfriend and watches gay porn all day. He watches old, fat, wrinkly old men aneling each other and giving each other head.
Person #1: "Look at that tall piece of (shit), he's so black".
Person #2: "He must be a Duom, after all, he does watch gay (porn) all day."
by Ajitesh May 22, 2009
duom. well duom stands for..

D - dick
U - Up
O - Other
M - Men

Usualy Duoms are gay and have no friends did i mention black bastards. They are ususlly tall but small penis. Hardly ever gets a girlfriend and yer. But he sucks in any sport he plays.
ok duom
by duom May 26, 2009