Dunpeal is the offspring of a Master Vampire and a unturned Human.As for sun light and drinking blood, Dunpeals fear this less, however they can be stricken by 'heat syndrome' and are overcome with an animalistic blood lust from time to time.
Vampire Hunter D is a dunpeal
by Echo September 06, 2004
Top Definition
Half Human, Half Vampire. Word was used in the anime film "Vampire Hunter D."
"He's a Dunpeal. The half spawn of a vampire and a human. I've heard of his kind but have never seen one before."
by Bloodlust February 21, 2004
dunpeal is a mistranslation of the word dhampir, an actual word from Balkan folklore meaning half-vampire, used to describe D from the anime series/movie Vampire Hunter D.
D is not a dunpeal and you sound like a dumbass when you say it like that.
by eevilstar December 19, 2009
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