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When you recieve a "run of the mill" blumpkin, however, you end it by forcing the givers head into the toilet bowl on which you sit, shoving their face into your fecal matter...
"She gave me a dunkin blumpkin, and her face was covered in shit!"
by chasdook November 15, 2004
The act of receiving a blumpkin while in a Dunkin' Donuts Franchise.
Friend#1: "Dude, I heard that Jim was at Dunkin Donuts the other day and had to shit. After he went in some slut followed him and gave him a blumpkin in there"!

Friend#2: "Yeah dude, I was there! He totally got a Dunkin' Blumpkin".
by Hairydingle February 02, 2011
a dumpkin blumpkin is combination of receiving a blowjob while sitting on the toilet taking a crap. after you finish cumming inside the mouth of the lucky male or female you take their head and dunk it up and down in your fecal matter. this sexual move usually works best with the beer shits or any kind of diarhea for that matter. once finished with the dunkin of the partner usually a hasty exaunt is quite necessary.
Because the party was extremely crowded Willma and Dan went to the restroom to hook up. Dan sat down on the toilet in order to comfortably receive a blowjob; little did Willma know what was in store for her. Dan began shitting uncontrollably at the same time he ejaculated into her mouth. After ejaculating in her mouth Dan in a diarrhea induced rage then forcefully pushed her head in and out of the diarrhea ridden toilet bowl. Dan is such a badass because he gave Willma a dunkin blumpkin and didn't go to prison.
by dsimmer September 02, 2009
When you are getting head while you take a shit on the toilet your nuts get warm from the saliva and hang mighty close to the water any sudden movement can can cause a dunkin blumpkin ( freshly dunked nuts)which becomes more common as we get older.
your honor in my defense, I couldn't get oral sex at home while blasting a dookie, a public bathroom was my only other option. For I have recently been the victim of a dunkin blumpkin
by Heavy D Dingleberry May 06, 2016
A blumpkin received at a Dunkin' Doughnuts establishment. Only after buying an unfrosted doughnut and placing your penis through the doughnut hole may the blumpkin begin. The Dunkin' Blumpkin is only completed after you have frosted the doughnut yourself and it is finished by your partner.
"Dude last night I had the holy grail of all blumpkins! The Dunkin' Blumpkin!"
by Na0227 October 04, 2014
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