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The drunk that happens after you drink German beers all night, and the hangover you receive the next day.
Why are you yelling when you try to speak, did you get dunkeled last night.
Im so dunkeled I could suck the bavarian cream out of that donut.
by HubSierra March 01, 2009
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During sex as soon as the male cums he dunks on the female while screaming you just got dunked on, this is better if his last name is Dunkel
Last night i dunkeled my girlfriend.
You just got dunkeled on.
by Anonomous Definers March 30, 2015
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Somebody who did something stupid (like have sex with a large girl) while under the influence of the dunkel (an amazing beer).
Jack - Did you sleep with Mary last night, you brought her home?
Kevin - Yeah, I don't know what I was thinking.
Jack - You got totally dunkeled.
Kevin - Three liters of dunkel was a bad idea.
by Jackelope January 13, 2007
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