thug 1> Dundalk fucking smells. Its like the bog of eternal stench!!

thug 2> Dundalk is not the bog of eternal stench, that would be Essex, and Dundalk is Essex's evil step-cousin, land o' teased hair and stonewashed jeans, teasingly referred to as rancid cesspool of everlasting vomitous!
by Kylito and TFG October 09, 2007
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A school represented by idiots.
awesomerness man: I went to Dundalk, which is a HIGHSCHOOL
roby: I graduated from patapsco and attended "harverd" university, the obvious choice for an astute young homosexual like myself.
awesomerness man: I've never heard of "harverd".
roby: You wouldn't! But it's okay because I work at Donald Trump Industries! You crack smoking SQUARE!
by awesomerness man April 07, 2005
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