Land of the pleasant living. A place revered by some, and looked down upon by the rest of the world. It’s a place that contains a breed of unique manifestation and cultural diversity. Though stereotypically considered to be full of illiterate, trashy, postcard-prostitutes, drug trafficking children, and irresponsible, shit-poor, citizens, Dundalk is home to some of the finest, well reformed, ambitious and articulate people who walk this earth. It’s a place you can only grow up in and feel at home rather than move in and adapt to just like that. There is your fair share of crack head, corner yelling, Xbox stealing, worthless entities of matter, but the whole world can’t be Canada *why else do we hate them?* The truth is Dundalk has just become the epitome of everyone else’s disdain for their own disorders that they have no motivation or understanding of how to solve. *You can’t feel as bad if you place someone lower than yourself.* There is plenty of rich history and interesting figures and lots of weed. Weed is good. It’s a refuge for those who are more concerned about living how they wish rather than conforming into the image of their community and appearing as some picture perfect society that has holes forming from the inside out. The only holes Dundalk has is the slight blemish of ill-natured, AC/DC shirt wearing, alcoholics with their novelty trucker hats who are more than eager to talk in front of a news camera about how he sometimes enjoys a good 2 or 20 brewskis and walks around his front yard naked as a form of expression. Dundalk is simply a conspiracy to those who are afraid of their own troubles and prefer to use their negative eye to stare into the common city qualms of this glorious town.
Noted people : Kevin Clash of Turners Station, Inventor of Elmo.
Rudy Gay, NBA player.
Calvin Hill, NFL running back and father to NBA player Grant Hill.
Michael S. Kearns of Old Inverness, 1st man to parachute over all 7 continents.
Buckey Lasek, Pro Skateboarder.
E.J. Pipkin, a member of Maryland State Senate.
Perry Hall Guy: "Man I've been tryna get high for like 5 days now, there ain't no bud around here."
Dundalk Guy: "Shit, I have 53 numbers on speedial to get gaunj in any area at any time."
Perry Hall Guy: "Shiiiiit."

Howard County Kid: "Those kids look like they're from Dundalk, lets fuck with them!."
Dundalk kids: "Nigga please, all I gotta do is blow this whistle and Rudy Gay will fly from the sky and smash yo ass."
by Icelandic August 18, 2008
I don't smoke pot, I'm racist, I'm white with no kids and never got beat up. Dundalk proud, perfectly fitting your awesome cliche. Patapsco piece of shit, I bet you're gay.
awesomerness man: I can make horrible cliches too, look at me!
cool kid from patapsco: I'm cool look at me!
by awesomerness man April 03, 2005
A school represented by idiots.
awesomerness man: I went to Dundalk, which is a HIGHSCHOOL
roby: I graduated from patapsco and attended "harverd" university, the obvious choice for an astute young homosexual like myself.
awesomerness man: I've never heard of "harverd".
roby: You wouldn't! But it's okay because I work at Donald Trump Industries! You crack smoking SQUARE!
by awesomerness man April 07, 2005

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