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Land of the pleasant living. A place revered by some, and looked down upon by the rest of the world. It’s a place that contains a breed of unique manifestation and cultural diversity. Though stereotypically considered to be full of illiterate, trashy, postcard-prostitutes, drug trafficking children, and irresponsible, shit-poor, citizens, Dundalk is home to some of the finest, well reformed, ambitious and articulate people who walk this earth. It’s a place you can only grow up in and feel at home rather than move in and adapt to just like that. There is your fair share of crack head, corner yelling, Xbox stealing, worthless entities of matter, but the whole world can’t be Canada *why else do we hate them?* The truth is Dundalk has just become the epitome of everyone else’s disdain for their own disorders that they have no motivation or understanding of how to solve. *You can’t feel as bad if you place someone lower than yourself.* There is plenty of rich history and interesting figures and lots of weed. Weed is good. It’s a refuge for those who are more concerned about living how they wish rather than conforming into the image of their community and appearing as some picture perfect society that has holes forming from the inside out. The only holes Dundalk has is the slight blemish of ill-natured, AC/DC shirt wearing, alcoholics with their novelty trucker hats who are more than eager to talk in front of a news camera about how he sometimes enjoys a good 2 or 20 brewskis and walks around his front yard naked as a form of expression. Dundalk is simply a conspiracy to those who are afraid of their own troubles and prefer to use their negative eye to stare into the common city qualms of this glorious town.
Noted people : Kevin Clash of Turners Station, Inventor of Elmo.
Rudy Gay, NBA player.
Calvin Hill, NFL running back and father to NBA player Grant Hill.
Michael S. Kearns of Old Inverness, 1st man to parachute over all 7 continents.
Buckey Lasek, Pro Skateboarder.
E.J. Pipkin, a member of Maryland State Senate.
Perry Hall Guy: "Man I've been tryna get high for like 5 days now, there ain't no bud around here."
Dundalk Guy: "Shit, I have 53 numbers on speedial to get gaunj in any area at any time."
Perry Hall Guy: "Shiiiiit."

Howard County Kid: "Those kids look like they're from Dundalk, lets fuck with them!."
Dundalk kids: "Nigga please, all I gotta do is blow this whistle and Rudy Gay will fly from the sky and smash yo ass."
by Icelandic August 18, 2008
Also known as "Dumbdalk", the school where students do no work, smoke pot all day, and talk down to the schools that they wish they were at. Mixed with black, white, and spanish people, this is not a very rascist school. But the white kids still tend to get beat up. The home school for baby mamas.
<1> My girlfriend is pregnant
<2> Wha??
<1> She goes to dundalk
<2> Oh, that explains alot!
by Brittani Wilson March 12, 2005
small part of baltimore county usually looked down upon by anyone who has never lived or worked in or around the town. while dundalk is not the most appealing place in the whole world due to the lack of couth and generally terrible odor that always lingers, its not nearly as horrible as most make it out to be. there is definitely a great deal of white trash, wiggers, drugs, and teenage moms but those people make up the minority. dundalk is home to hard working blue collared citizens who just like anywhere else work for a living and spend their lives trying to raise their families to be successful productive citizens. its easy to look from the outside in and pass a negative judgement but in most cases the people who shun the town of dundalk and the people who live here are the same people who fit the stereo type of being from dundalk.
dundalk smells like trash so everyone from dundalk is trash
by bmoreyou March 06, 2011
Home of the Dundalkians, where the women wear over sized tweety bird shirts and their husbands wear the over sized taz shirt. Fat bitches sport this look the best with their no bra free boob style. nothing beats fat lady nipples poking through tweetys forehead. Has a rather sweet aroma of human fecal matter and dirty bay water. Trash.
non trashy individual 1: dude you just fart?
non trashy individual 2: nah dude we're in dundalk.

non trashy individual 1: Look! Tweety bird has three eyes!!!
non trashy individual 2: nahhhhh thats just her nipples poking through.
by Not from the shit hole June 04, 2009
Pretty much the ghetto...
I grew up in Dundalk and it is so sad to see what it has become. I moved away at the age of 23 and am 26 now, I moved because I wanted to have kids but would not dare have kids in such an environment.

Guys walking around with pants falling off there behind, girls with 3-5 kids by several different men and yet still sleeping around. Drugs is a serious problem in the area.

When I was a kid I could walk to stores alone and not have to worry but by the time I was 16 I was actually terrified to walk to a store alone, I would have a gang of freaking homeboys come up hitting on me and I would start to get freaked out that maybe they were going to attack me..

Lets not forget the mixing of races , white girls sleeping with black guys and having kids with them and mexicans all over the place..

The big problem is that Baltimore city housed all the trash but now they have started to fix it up and sell houses for $300,000 and up so all of the trash are flooding out to essex and dundalk..
by darkcherryrose March 13, 2010
A horrible place; the bog of eternal stench.
thug 1> Dundalk fucking smells. Its like the bog of eternal stench!!

thug 2> Dundalk is not the bog of eternal stench, that would be Essex, and Dundalk is Essex's evil step-cousin, land o' teased hair and stonewashed jeans, teasingly referred to as rancid cesspool of everlasting vomitous!
by Kylito and TFG October 09, 2007
Dundlak A.K.A the Derrty D, is home to some of the most ghetto and trashy students on the east side of baltimore.
Even though most people talk shit bout dundalk,u prolly dont wanna see us cuz we roll maddd deep, n truth is, we prolly fucked ur girl and ur mom.
Patapsco fag: Hey dude i heard u messed around with my girl Sally.
Dundalk kid: yea... i fucked her, u wanna step?!?
Patapsco fag: id rather not
by J - Dizzle April 19, 2005
A crack-head, pot smoking fucked up school/Neighborhood were kids that cant get into any other school go to.
Boy- I went to Harverd.
Other Boy- I went to Dundalk.
Boy- Well i work at Donald Trump Industry.
Other Boy- I work at Burger King.
Boy- I have a wife and two kids.
Other Boy- I have a bitch and twelve bastards.
Boy- I make 12.80 an hour.
Other Boy- I make 5.25 an hour and 20 bucks a hit.
Boy- Dundalk is for sissy's.
Other Boy- Your a square!
Boy- You're a square!
by Roby April 04, 2005