The meal consumed between lunch and dinner.
Karen slept in one lazy Sunday afternoon and when she woke up she was quite hungry; having the munchies, she sat down for dunch around 3:00pm.
by Francois Hauer January 06, 2006
The act of eating in between lunch and dinner
"I'm not ready for dinner yet Mom, I just ate a huge Dunch"
by Ronald Burghendy December 12, 2005
Hit somone really hard in any spot
"dude i just dunched brian in the nuts"
by taylor dawgs August 08, 2006
A word that can replace any other word, regardless of the part of speech (ie as in the word "Smurf").
I dunched that bitch ass ho in her dunch.
by Karl Hungus December 03, 2003
dunch n (blend of "lunch" and "dinner"; cf. brunch) - a small meal between lunch and dinner in the late afternoon or early evening (about 3- 5 pm.).

This is a more appropriate word for an intermediate meal that once suggested "linner," because it is more similar to lunch than to dinner and is more brief (one syllable). It also follows the model of the neologism for another intermediate (or combined) meal - "brunch."
Dunch usually includes tea or coffee with cookies, sometimes a sandwich.

For tomorrow, I have already scheduled lunch and dinner with my colleagues. Let's have a dunch together.
by Mikhail Epstein November 08, 2003
lunch and diner together in one meal. like brunch, but for the evening!
u eat at 4pm and its all u eat all the rest of the day.
My family and i went to a buffet at 5pm to dunch
by shayan m November 24, 2005
A hairy yeast infected vagina.
The girl's boyfriend broke up with her because he couldn't stand sucking on her dunch.
by DELC July 01, 2004

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