A male or female individual who frequently partakes in promiscuous, slutty, behavior.
Noun form:
Me: "That chick is a total dunch man, I would be careful..."
Friend: "Are you kidding? Easy pickings! HEYOOOOO!"

Adjective form:
"Wow, Rebecca has been acting pretty dunchy lately. Apparently she got a cleveland steamer from Roger!"
by TheW1tchDoctor October 01, 2011
when a girl is giving head, and the guy vomits.
oh my god they totally dunched last night, it was nasty!
by marshaaaaa77 August 17, 2011
Time between dinner and lunch.

Generally between 5:00 -6:30.
Hey baby, I just found a McDonalds giftcard, you wanna come out for dunch with me?
by drago10029 October 18, 2010
the act of eating out someons butt, or butthole. (verb)
Dunch me!!!

Person 1- "What's your fetish"
Person 2- "I love dunching!!!"
Person 1- "What's that?"
Person 2- "Let me show you!!!" <dunches person 1>
Person 1- "Wow, that felt great, thanks for dunch"
by geniuskidm April 19, 2011
To vigorously rape or to teabag a dead body.
While playing halo Jimmy said"Dunch the body"after one of his teammates killed a very annoying player.
by The Duncher February 14, 2011
{dA rather extreme form of Ass Spelunking occurring after lunch but before dinner. The extremeness being that it often involves shit covered orifices and brown mouth hugs. This can occur between two men/two women/man & woman. If more than two parties are involved it becomes a Group Dunching.
I dunched the shit outta that sorority chick last night!

Peter got all mad after we decided to dunch and I accidentally got some poo into his eye which gave him pink eye.
by dunchmaster5000 May 17, 2009
pronounced: dunch.
The exact meaning of the word is ambiguous; however, the context in which the word is used allows limitless connotations. Also, the strength of the descriptive words can imply the urgency of the word.
Neutral: "Man, you're such a dunch."
Positive: "Man, let's dunch all night long!"
Negative: "Man, you are a fucking dunch."
Very negative: "Man, I didn't want to tell you like this, but for the last 3 months you've been a total fuckin dunch. If there was a legal way for me to castrate you, you bet your ass I would. See you Friday."
by SloppyDonor October 11, 2007
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