A hairy yeast infected vagina.
The girl's boyfriend broke up with her because he couldn't stand sucking on her dunch.
by DELC July 01, 2004
A word used for a mild, unoffensive way of insulting someone for fun. used in a similar way as the word,bastard.
-or if used with a harsh tone can also be very offensive in nature.
"wow Rick, you are such a dunch."
by diechers September 13, 2006
A) A hunch about a person from deutchland.
B) A meal intermediate of linner and dinner. (Proper meal rotation is: breakfast, brunch, lunch, linner, dunch, dinner, dinack, midnight snack.
A) I've got a dunch about that fellow there.
B) Cheese and milk is good for dunch.
by Robert Gay December 02, 2003
The meal in between linner and dinner.
I had cheese and eggs for dunch.
by Robert Gay December 02, 2003
Used or unused hand-me-down personal lubricant. A substanced used to make sex enjoyable that has been passed along and/or used by more than one source.
This dunch never fails.
by nottma March 03, 2005
not quite dinner but definitely past lunch.
"Omg, I haven't had lunch and it's 3 o'clock, I'm fecking starving. I can't wait till dinner.... Fuck it let's get some dunch."
by Scrout July 04, 2014
1. When your friend farts on the couch and leaves then when someone sits there it is very warm.

2. When you fart and wait about 4 seconds before leaving so the smell doesn't follow you
1. *friend farts then leaves*
*other friend sits down*
"WHEW! Did Kyle Dunch this couch? I am gonna Dunch on his face!"
2. "LET'S GO! I am gonna be late!"

"hang on I gotta dunch one out first!"
by CherkenNergerts October 24, 2014

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