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A word used for a mild, unoffensive way of insulting someone for fun. used in a similar way as the word,bastard.
-or if used with a harsh tone can also be very offensive in nature.
"wow Rick, you are such a dunch."
by diechers September 13, 2006
A) A hunch about a person from deutchland.
B) A meal intermediate of linner and dinner. (Proper meal rotation is: breakfast, brunch, lunch, linner, dunch, dinner, dinack, midnight snack.
A) I've got a dunch about that fellow there.
B) Cheese and milk is good for dunch.
by Robert Gay December 02, 2003
The meal in between linner and dinner.
I had cheese and eggs for dunch.
by Robert Gay December 02, 2003
Used or unused hand-me-down personal lubricant. A substanced used to make sex enjoyable that has been passed along and/or used by more than one source.
This dunch never fails.
by nottma March 03, 2005
not quite dinner but definitely past lunch.
"Omg, I haven't had lunch and it's 3 o'clock, I'm fecking starving. I can't wait till dinner.... Fuck it let's get some dunch."
by Scrout July 04, 2014