Shitting oneself while riding public transportation and trying to conceal the chocolate cake batter-like excrement oozing down your leg from other passengers until you can get off at the next stop.

Those watered down Anchor Steams, Gilroy Garlic Fries and Say Hey! Willie Mays Sausages had my stomach on the warpath, so I left the Giants game in the 7th inning, but I didn't make it home...I totally did a duncan hines on that train. I knew I should have flagged down a cab instead of taking MUNI.

I was really into this girl, but after we left the bar and hopped on the street car to head to my place, she dropped a duncan hines move! She was so embarrassed, she just pulled the cord and jumped out at the next stop and I never saw her again.
by The Baltimore Chewy Mack June 10, 2008
Top Definition
A state of female arousal using a play on words for the Duncan Hines slogan "So Moist. So Delicious"
Ooo, see that smokin' hot guy with the tattoos? He's got me all kinds of Duncan Hines.
by atomicbombshell May 24, 2009
the act of being drunk and high at the same time
"dude im so drunk and so high, im drunk and high...IM DUNCAN HINES!!"
by JOEBEV August 18, 2008
Baking cakes, a.k.a, avoiding your friends in order to homebody it with your girlfriend, or do otherwise undesirable tasks your friends would look down upon in order to impress your girlfriend.
Dave basically works at Duncan Hines with the amount of time he is spending with his girlfriend.
by Brad Plaza November 21, 2007
When you are "tea bagging" a German Soldier
I was telling my hoe about my WWII days and she was giving me a duncan hines
by hot nurse September 28, 2004
Duncan Hines - n. Play on words for having anal sex. "Dunking Hinds", "Dunk in Hinds". Coined for the moist characteristics of the cake brand Duncan Hines and female posterior.
All these girls in here man! I feel like Duncan Hines tonight!
by k_cool September 14, 2007
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