A very very easy girl in a sexual sense. Usually not the type you want your friends to know about. Often dirty in the literal sense.
"I don't want to put forth the effort for a pretty girl tonight, lets just find a dumpster slut to get with."
by Blowen1 September 18, 2009
Top Definition
started from the site Dumpster Sluts and was an ironic name for a beautiful woman.
Woooahhh man she's a dumpster slut!
by fhmhunter April 19, 2006
A person or person(s)who engage in sexual behavior in back alleys or behind dumpsters. (Circa 2005)
"Yo, did you know that James hooked up with that skank Serena behind Jizzy's Pizza joint last week, what a dumpster slut".
by Mr. Moss October 19, 2006
lowest of low in ranking for a girl, just a nasty skank that does whore things
That stupid bitch that pissed on the couch was a dumpster slut.
by le dong 1 January 17, 2011
A women who will have sex for anything. Usually in an ally or near a dumpster.
"Saturday night was awesome man, I got banged by those dumpster slut's Lindsey and Shawna
by Jcass11 May 08, 2007
A dumpster slut is a chik who lives in a dumpster and will fuck you for any object......money.....turkey sandwich.....anything
Hey look at that dumpster slut!
by Jesse R. May 28, 2004
A slut who sucks dick behind a dumpster, films it and sends it to her Aunt Tilly in Minnesota as a get well gift.
That chick is a dumpster slut! Her video beat Paris Hilton's.
by Rick Von Shit September 05, 2008
Like a crack whore, but replace crack with a chance at diving into a dumpster for a free prize.
Cheatin' on yo bitch? Hell nah, that dumpsterslut ain't got a chance at mah shit.
by Mr Feh King Koo March 09, 2005
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