A woman with a nice size chest, for example some double D's
Damn!! Look at shawty she got some dumpers.
by Young Nova October 18, 2008
a smoked durry butt with a little bit left at the end, usualy found in ash trays, sometimes taken by john g
"after you somoke your durry you put it in the ash tray"

"man i jusst finished smoking a durry and i put it in the ash try and this poggy kid goes and smokes it while its still lit"
by tyler mclain April 12, 2005
Big, or realy big. Being characterized by bigness. adj.
Shit! That dumper bitch just flicked me off.
by Ben Dover December 31, 2003
Exhaust tip so huge you could fit your head in it. Purely there for wank value, does not actually add to the performance of the vehicle
Ha ha look at the dumper on that ricer.
by [LE] May 14, 2004
One who takes excessive shits while on the toilet.
That John, he's such a dumper; always overflowing the toilet with shit.
by The Asshatinator March 12, 2003
Jargon for an erratic and extravagant gambler.
The first night in Las Vegas he was wildly tossing around bets like a dumper.
by Paul Kusinitz January 23, 2003

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