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Adj. Verb. Noun. To, or the process of, being copulated or sodomized by Dumbledore. To be dumblefucked is to be sexually intimate with an elderly wizard who is a gentle lover. Grammatically flexible as in Fuck. Not to be confused with Dumbfuck.
Orign, English.
Ophelia: I am going to Dumblefuck you Tawny. Tawny: Shut up, you dumblefuck. Lance: DUMBLEFUCK! I just stubbed my toe.
Loveless: You are such a Dumblefuck.

by Scarlett6 April 17, 2009
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To be a total screw up to the point that you can get nothing right not even the basic daily events of your life.
Dominyk was once a capable working but lately he's been a real dumblefuck, not being able to clean his own room.
by Da Urban Meister April 26, 2011
My stepfather; an extremely stupid, oblivious, and arrogant person. See dufubitch.
Man, my stepfather is such a dumblefuck!
by RumpleForeskin3046 August 20, 2007

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