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An odd-shaped dickhead that comes to a point resembling a wizard hat. When you take lots of drugs, your own cock will resemble a dumble dick. Thus, you can dumble dick someone if you have a pointed cock or if you are really fucked up.
I got dumble dicked at dead baby field.
by Coreycock January 08, 2009
1 2
1)The dick, or penis, or male genitalia, of Sir Albus Dumbledore of the Harry Potter book series or Harry Potter movies. Rumored to be over 7.6 inches in length (non-erect).

2)Used to describe someone who believes they are always correct and know everything when it is obvious they don't.
1)"My god that kid has such a dumbledick!"

2)"Stop being such a dumbledick! You're wrong!"
by Sean Mc. May 08, 2008
33 7
The old man in Harry Potter.. a.k.a DumbleDor...
"All right you old Dumble Dick"
by Miss Bubble Butt February 25, 2009
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