a situation full of stupid comments that make no sense.
Dude 1: "man, that discussion in class was stupid"

Dude 2: "I know, it was pure dumbassery"
by Creative Nickname Guy January 12, 2012
The complete and total act of being a dumbass.
You must be full of dumbassery for sleeping with your best friend's hot sister and letting him find out from her.
by Dankeshane August 20, 2010
Noun. Stupidity to the next level. Epic idiocy for which there is no excuse.
What dumbassery is this!?
by CardenB666 May 05, 2014
Behavior that is repetitively stupid and often damaging to people and property.
"I am sick of Jim's dumbassery! That is the second car he has wrecked this month!"
by Laughingmike April 06, 2014
The act of being a dumbass.
Lifting cars is straight up dumbassery.
by the daughter of a woman. April 26, 2011

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