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A sickness that is generally inherited from one's parents or peers. It cannot be cured only treated (with large quantities of effort and sometimes alchol works, but only if taken it quantities large enough to make one pass out - this is not a recommended method of treatment). Relaspes occur randomly and are of indeterminate duration. Severe cases never go into remission, resulting in constant problems for other people. See dumb butt
Upon discovering that my cell phone had crapped it's brain I spent the next hour in the throes of a severe case of Dumb Butteryitis trying to figure out how to notify my family that I had missed my connecting and that they should wait 4.5 hours before starting the 3 hour drive to the airport. Forgetting how to make a long distance collect call from a Pay Phone (do those things still exist?).
by 4N for 1year April 28, 2007
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