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A person who does not think fast enough.
A slow thinking person
An unintelligent person
A person who does not seem to be paying attention to the conversation or environment, therefore having slow reactions or responses.
A person who does not catch jokes, or flirts.
A Stupid ass
Did you not see the glass door was shut? You Dumb Truck!
by JaimeHuizar February 26, 2006
Somebody who does something extremly stupid..
'My god did you eat all of those raw scotch bonnet chillies?? You Dumb Truck!!!!'
by Evil-Ernie May 28, 2003
A very stupid person. Literally, a truckload of dumb.
Who let that dumbtruck in? She just said Sarah Palin would make a good president! Now it's all over me! The stupid, it burns! AIEEEE!!!
by Maxhole July 14, 2011
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