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A "punk" that is either A. stuck in the past and convinced that The Ramones, Sex Pistols, Dead Kennedys and Clash are the only real punk bands B. Firm in his/her belief that his worldview is the only correct one, e.g. intolerant or C. takes his role of being "an anti-establishment, anti-racist, anti-religion soldier on the front lines of an urban war between classes" a wee bit too seriously. They are generally out of touch with punk music and being punk e.g. not giving a fuck and just doing as they will. They are also usually elitist pricks.
Dumb Punk: "Man the racism in the world pisses me right the fuck off."
Punk: "Yea me too man, its bullshit."
Dumb Punk: "Lets go kill all the white men because they are the oppressors!!!"
Punk: "The fuck? You're white and a male asshole."
Dumb Punk: (shoots himself in face)

Dumb Punk: "Sup faggot, what are you listening to?"
Punk: "I actually am gay asshole, and this local band i met at a show the other night."
Dumb Punk: "Fuck them pussy, they are just copying off of the Ramones."
by IrishPunx February 08, 2011

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