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A person who lacks intelligence and common sense and is outrageously promiscuous.
"How does that girl not realize that that guy doesn't want to hook up with her...and that three of her friends have already slept with him?! What a dumb dirty."

"I can't even stand that bitch. She's such a dumb dirty."
by For You MJ August 31, 2009
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nounDum-Derty - A person who is dumb and dirty at the same time. It makes saying it faster, condensing it into one word. Instead of saying, "wow that was dumb and dirty at the same time" you can now say, "DUMBDIRTY"
Chad: Your so uglyyyy
Carmen: wow just shut up
Matt, Pete,Jan: That was just DUMBDIRTY.
Carmen: Ohh my god....
by Kanapp February 01, 2011
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