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A small private school located in Duluth, Minnesota that houses some of the biggest bitches that Minnesota has ever known. AKA the "soccer girls". They are unattractive females who terrorize the school and think that they are above anyone else. The "soccer girls" are friends with the "hockey boys". The "hockey boys" think they are the shit. They are not. They are ugly douchebags that no one seems to like. Marshall students are known as the "cake eaters" of Duluth. Although, this generalization is not true. Many Marshall parents are not as well off as the rest od Duluth thinks. Marshall is also infested with Asians up to their bloody necks. The Asian Invasion is due to Marshall's profound International Exchange Program. While most of Marshall's girls are considered "ugly" or "oger-ish" by surronding schools, some of Marshall's volleyball players and dancers are considered to be quiet attractive.
Person 1: "So you go to that Duluth Marshall School?"
Person 2: "Yah"
Person 1: "Aren't your girls ugly?"
Person 2" *shows photos of a few volleyball and dance girls*
Person1" "DAMN"
by nerdgirl1969 February 02, 2014
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