sexpregnantuterusvaginabible sexquiverful - The act of biblically "knowing" you wife (no contraception or abortion permitted) until her uterus gains "clown car" status and your house becomes eligible for a separate zip code (to duggar, duggaring, duggary)
I was just telling my Pastor that my I've duggared my wife again and now we are expecting our 23rd child!
by The Polemic Pitbull March 30, 2011
Top Definition
(verb) - to assault or abuse a person, especially a woman or child sexually

Verbified after the announcement of the Duggar family that their son molested his sisters.
"A friend told me Josh admitted that he duggared his sister."
"I was duggared by my brother."
by NeedyUrologist May 24, 2015
To be diddled by your brother and your parents blame you for it. See also "duggared" or "Duggar's."
Tony is serving time for duggaring his sister though she is now shunned from the family for being a tease by wearing her winter coat in his presence.
by SaveTheSherman May 25, 2015
Sexually molesting one's siblings while parents encourage, promote, cover up, or actively participate in the act of molestation.
""He duggared his sisters for years while his parents covered up for him and his church encouraged it".
by i999shadow June 09, 2015
Creeps. Eerie feeling that one should run and call the police.
The skeevy guest of the neighbors gave me the duggars.
by pseudoman6 September 29, 2015
Noun, singluar
Strict christian patriarchy effective on all women making them serve their families for years for no pay, and making wives have more babies than their bodies can handle and then trumpeting your lifestyle as something other people should follow.
I tried to duggar it up, but my daughter went to college and got a job, so no one believed me.
by OnceFundieFly September 28, 2015
Duggar refers to when a person (usually an atheist) was anal fucked so traumatically by a Catholic Priest as a child, that they since have developed an irrational hatred towards all Christians because of it.
Most internet atheists are atheists because of the duggary they suffered as children. They're taking all their anger out on religious people for what one Catholic Priest (who probably wasn't even a real Catholic) did to them.

Dan Savage is a duggar, as a child he was anal raped to near death by a Catholic Priest.
by dsidf1 June 06, 2015

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