Another word for the number 18.(or higher) Anything consisting of 18 or more. Rooted after the television family The Duggars which have 18 children...and counting. A numerical count of an item. Descriptor.
Used in sentence:
"I had at least a duggar beers last night"
"I just got out of the shower. I'll be ready in a duggar."
"I swear I slept with about a duggar women sophmore year."
"It's pretty cool over here but the cover is like a duggar."
by Ratmantano March 07, 2009
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(verb) - to assault or abuse a person, especially a woman or child sexually

Verbified after the announcement of the Duggar family that their son molested his sisters.
"A friend told me Josh admitted that he duggared his sister."
"I was duggared by my brother."
by NeedyUrologist May 24, 2015
To be diddled by your brother and your parents blame you for it. See also "duggared" or "Duggar's."
Tony is serving time for duggaring his sister though she is now shunned from the family for being a tease by wearing her winter coat in his presence.
by SaveTheSherman May 25, 2015
sexpregnantuterusvaginabible sexquiverful - The act of biblically "knowing" you wife (no contraception or abortion permitted) until her uterus gains "clown car" status and your house becomes eligible for a separate zip code (to duggar, duggaring, duggary)
I was just telling my Pastor that my I've duggared my wife again and now we are expecting our 23rd child!
by The Polemic Pitbull March 30, 2011
An extremely prude girl who is entirely content with only holding hands. Originating from the TLC hit "18 kids and counting" which follows the extremely prude and conservative lives of the Duggar family.
Paul: That bitch was so prude last night, all she wanted to do was hold hands...
Donnie: What a fucking Duggar!
by tOSU January 24, 2010
sexually abuse innocent victims while trumpeting your moral superiority
Hold my bible while I duggar you
by Duggar Definer May 29, 2015
Duggar v. duh-gur - To sexually abuse innocent victims while trumpeting your moral superiority.
"Hold my Bible while I Duggar you"
by Sha_ney_ne May 29, 2015

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