used for almost anything
dugga dugga to da wugga
by dugga charles March 13, 2007
Top Definition
Word used to replace the "n-word" While reading The Heart of Darkness(Coined by the John Tyler A4 IB english 4 Class '08,)After its initial creation was later used by some of the more cooler kids to refer to each other....
Person 1:Ready to go to sleep in Chemistry?
Person 2:Fo Sho Dugga

by AvB March 15, 2008
That dude who only goes to the club to hit on chicks, and tries to fight the bouncer when he gets kicked out. He then drives home drunk in his '94 civic (along with 8 of his friends) blasting "We Dem Boyz" on repeat the whole way. Contrary to public opinion, Dugga is not a racial slur. It is a lifestyle. Dugga is mainly used in Canada, specifically Ottawa where the term originated from.
Frank: "Why's there 40 people outside of walmart? It's 2:00 am!"
John: "Must be a Dugga meeting."
by Yak now October 03, 2015
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