A brilliant last name, pronounced Doo-frane, not Doo-fres-nee or Doo-frenz. Think Andy Dufresne in the Shawshank Redemption. Everyone's innocent, right?

Common nickname, "Insane Dufresne"
Andy Dufresne did not kill his wife and her lover, but he thought about it.
by Chewymomma February 26, 2009
Top Definition
Misleading a person or group to exit an area without announcement while leaving the people behind shocked, surprised and potentially in harm.

-You can either dufresne or be dufresned.
The boss of a small group was recently dufresned by his employee after he came into work and realized he had an email from the employee stating he quit and he would not be returning with zero notice while leaving the unit with tons of work.
by John III September 21, 2010
du frane
-adjective and adverb
1. Nearly; not quite: I'm a du Fresne lexicographer. (Adjective)
2. Very close to; all but: I got du Fresne laid. (adverb)
Originally named after a mediocre poker player who was known to exclaim that he had a "straight" (five cards in numerical sequence) when he was in fact one card short, which became known as a "du Fresne straight". As the player in question was "not quite there" in many respects the term easily lent itself to universal use.
by Pure June 06, 2007
A person who confidently uses words that have no actual meaning.
George Bush is a real dufresne.
by The Kool aide man August 03, 2009

Jerking off into the victims hair and styling it into a slick hair doo with a comb.

Something bad
Kyle D is one badass motha fucka.

Daddy Burrell dufresned and styled matt D's hair.
by Kyle Tefft Benson May 03, 2006
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