In the act of sex, when the male is ready to ejaculate, he pulls out and inserts the tip of his penis into the nostril of the sex partner. And ejaculates inside of the nasal cavity. Ending result is sperm dripping down the throat of the sex partner.
Judy: Hey Amber why does your nose look all red?

Amber: Oh he Duffy'd me last night again.
by jewbone25 August 16, 2011
to duffy someone is to move 100 miles away from them and to also make up lies about them
hes only duffyed us!
i'll duffy you if you dont come out!
by daninthevan February 03, 2009
noun : Slack vagina, often excretes solid, stinky waste. Often is seen drinking copious amounts of alcohol, then lying about it. A rare species.

One case of this breed of Duffy is known by many in a small area of northern England (Radcliffe). Treat with caution.
by Eflor Mailliw Evad December 10, 2006
A word used to describe a person or action that is DUFF related. It is often used in cases of extreme gluttony, cock blocking, being a fat bitch, being an ugly bitch, and/or being a fat and ugly bitch. NOTE: One does not necessarily have to be a DUFF for this word to apply to them.
"Miranda, you cockblocked Mark from getting to that hot chick over there? That was a pretty DUFFy move."
by hawker240 October 13, 2006
a charming guy you sleep with even though you know he's in love with his ex-girlfriend of x years.
I can't really find a good relationship right now...guess I'll just settle for a Duffy.
by gamelan April 29, 2005
Polo, collared shirt.
Nice duffy.
What a colorful duffy.
Where did you get that duffy.
by sportsmangi September 04, 2010
A word used to describe either;
1) A lesbian
2) A vagina

This derives from the poet 'Carol Ann Duffy' who just happens to be a lesbian
1) Hey Judy, are you after some duffy tonight or what?

2) Cor, i wish i could shove my piece deep into chloe's duffy
by Moorejam March 27, 2009

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