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A midget who hides in a duffel bag carried around by a gangsta or drug dealer. When called upon, the midget will jump out of the bag and headbutt someone in the nuts, usually in an attempt to get money or goods owed to the gangsta or dealer. Duffel bag boys can be hired for individual jobs or for long term gigs with big time dealers.
I couldn't get Johnny to pay up for that weed I lent him, so I hired a duffel bag boy to take care of business.
by Udy October 22, 2007

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The Drug Delivery Boy. He may be just selling drugs for the hood. Or he might have a higher job like delivering Large Amounts of a Substance.
"Ya I sent da Duffel Bag Boy 'round da block to sell that shit"
by Jay Dub'ua Cee September 04, 2007