Getting so drunk to the point where your blacked out and raising any kind of hell possible. Getting Duffed usuall ends with pissing your pants after you pass out
I'm getting duffed up tonight
Man i was duffed last nighbt
by DustyD March 03, 2012
Top Definition
To get Your shit rocked by a closed fist.
Yo Son just got the shit duffed outta Him.
by Moe June 17, 2006
To get your ass kicked REALLY badly. If you got "duffed", you didn't just get punched in the face, hit the floor and kicked once or twice hard... you got hit in the face, hit the ground, then got hit in the face several more times, possibly had your head bashed into the cement, got kicked in the ears, neck, kidneys and various other soft spots on your body.
"Yung, that nigga D-Set laid up in the hospital. He smoked up that whole QP he was fronted by main man and got duffed."
by Krill Awareness March 07, 2006
Duffed (v) - The act of getting used and or manipulated by an attractive, mentally unstable person of the opposite sex. Unfortunately this includes an abundance of flirting, profound mixed messages, and sexual enuendos that don't actually lead to SEX, merely the illusion that it will. The Duff usually ends by the Duff-er getting back together with their original girl/boyfriend, leaving the duff-ee with a killer case of blue balls/dry-gina.
Man, I thought this relationship was going to go somewhere, but really I was just getting Duffed!
by DFaFH February 17, 2006
to demolish, destroy , beat down, kill, or win against an oppenent
you just got duffed!
by R Sprizzle March 24, 2008
a savage punch or stomp to the face , stomach or vagina

ex- "ha..this shit sounds like the blue's.... ya that's right black and blue's all over your fuckin face, when you get DUFFED! fuckin bitch! WHAT!" - necro
"I fuckin duffed this faggot sean right in the face!"

"fuckin bitch was gettin on my nerves so i fuckin duffed her in the box!"
by fuckin mike May 11, 2006
Duffed, or duff someone-to be fucked, or involved in the act of sexual intercoarse.
"Hey man, did you hear the news? last night caitie got duffed!" or "Dammit, my science teacher duffed me on that lab report."
"Are you really gonna duff me like that?"
by C...punk35 February 29, 2012
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