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1) a TCG eaisly reconised, to be based around magic: the gathering
2) an anime, which, points out that is a tv show, and makes numerous references to past episode, as episodes, giving it a comedy value
3) not a yu gi oh rip off, and as a yu gi fan i can say this eaisly, yu gi, came out, and was popular, the demand 4 another card game based show, was high, therefore DM came out,the anime is a completely different style, and so is the card game, so before, u fuckwits bash it for being a "rip off" get ur facts str8 (ppl like this, are the 1's who claimed digimon, was a rip off of poke'mn <which i also love/d> even the the basic idea, of digimon was out 3 years b4 the poke'mon was made)
4) on this date of 13 oct 2004, it is the number 1 TCG in Japan
Kettou Da! - "I challenge you!"
Yoshi!- "I accept!"
Ikuzo! - "I'm ready!"
Koi! - "Bring it on!"
Ike! - "Attack!"
Todome Da! - "The killing blow!"
by thethongofanime October 13, 2004
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A complete insult and disgrace to Anime and any good parody you have ever seen. Unlike other animes and yugioh, Duel Masters lacks any proper plot and ass-rapes Anime in every way possible with it's ridiculously stupid humor. Also it pales in comparison with good animes such as Yugioh, Naruto, Inuyasha etc.

The stupidity of this show includes
Bad Humor: One could most likely write an entire book on the stupidity of the unhumourous attempts at comedy from this show
-Breaking the Forth Wall (No-one's laughing at the quote,Looks like it's time for a fade-out)
-Rip-offs of gags from under popular anime (Rikuta gets hit and flies into sky)
-Really bad references to Anime (Quotes about split screens)

Lack of proper characterisation: While Yugi duels for friends etc, the Inuyasha gang are trying to get the Shikon Jewels, Shobu is trying to be the best for no f***ing reason. Also that Ice King, Hakuoh has no proper reason like "why the f*** did he turn so cold hearted"

Pathetic Dialogue: Unlike most animes which usually has relevant dialogue to the situation. Duel Masters has completely irrelevant ones such as "Stay away from the hot sauce" or the anime references adding further insult to injury. Or at other times the show writers choose to use random pop references that would make anyone roll around due to the idiocy

It rapes the reputation of Anime: With reasons given, I don't think I need to explain further as to why Duel Masters suck and completely rapes Anime's reputation. Oh and if you want further proof, compare the Yugioh directory on or Inuyasha to Duel Masters. I do not know who to blame, the dubbers or the show makers for being stupid in the first place.
Introducing the pathetic quotes of Duel Masters.

Shobu: I'm going slow mode (WTF?)
"Looks like there's going to be a black out
"I am dark...I am the night...I am Bat-oh wait, wrong show."
"Shobu, Shobu, he's our man, if you can't do it, no-one can" (Remind you of anything, what a complete insult to Pokemon!! "Barfs")
by Duel Master hater July 26, 2006
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A horrible kids' show in which a mildly retarded boy named Shobu is supposed to become a Kaijudo Master. He and his dork friends set off to battle numerous enemies in order to boost his rep. We've seen it all before. The theme song doesn't do much to help either. Picture some guy yelling "SHOBU! dadadadadadada SHOBU!" for at least 5 minutes. That's the theme song.

Besides the idiot characters and the stupid theme song, this show is mainly revolving around trading cards. Yu-Gi-Oh!, anyone? And, I myself have bought a pack of these cards. All they are are anime-tized versions of Magic: The Gathering. And get this; they're manufactured by Wizards of The Coast. Somebody must've slipped there.

Back to the show. The anime also features brilliant(see: shit) humor, such as references to America's pop culture, lame flashback things, and puns. Ha. Ha. I'm laughing my ass off. The monster names are also quite stupid. I don't know about you, but "Five-Starred Ladybug of Doom" sure sounds cooler than "Mongrel Man".

All in all, I'd advise all people, young and old, to stay as far away from this piece of shit as possible
Duel Masters Fanboy: omglololol i got teh new cardz0rz! "Bolshak Dragon" is teh roxx0rz! d00d!

M:TG Fanboy: ...uh.
by (insert alias here) July 13, 2005
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A TCG(aka CCG) being supposed to be a simplified Magic:The Gathering with some ripped-off elements from the Yu-Gi-Oh tcg.
The anime is just some random rip-off from the YGO anime. The figures got horrible hair styles and most of the series they talk about them.
Even tho badly dubbed with "Heart of the cards" invented shit, YGO by far outbeats this; The TCG aswell.

Short said: Magic:tG for n00bs.
A n00b plays Duel Masters.
A pro plays Magic or YGO.
An ub3r pro plays Magic or YGO and actually understands their rules.

Pro-player: "stfu, go play some real tcg"
by phoenixfire2001 February 09, 2005
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An anime, and card game that is just bogus. I knew some dumbass just had to rip-off yui-gi-oh. But OMG this sux horribly. The main char of the anime resembles Yugi to much. Though I do reconize the voice actor.
Shobu: I summon Bulshock dragon

Yugi: Can you believe this guy?
by JIn October 17, 2004
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1) A trading card game similar to Yu-Gi-Oh, except made by people who actually know how to make trading card games.

2) A cartoon of the same name starring Shobu, a young duelist who practices Kaijudo, the art of dueling, and goes around with his dorky friends trying to become the greatest duelist in the world. Filled with hyperactive anime humor that parodies the Yu-Gi-Oh series.
I summon... Bolshack Dragon! Ahhhhh!
by Eric Simmons April 05, 2004
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Trading Card Game which is strictly inferior to Magic the Gathering. You can tell the calibre of a TCG by the name of its sets, and if "Evo-Crushinators of Doom" and "Rampage of the Super Warriors" are anything to go by, DM won't last very long.

Oh, and some of its cards are named "Fatal Attacker Horvath" and "Miele, Vizier of Lightning" (a common, by the way.)
Me: "I've got some Duel Masters cards to sell here... Foil Bolshack Dragon..."
DM Kid: "WOW!!! I'll give you £14 for it!"
Me: "Deal. Well done, and you certainly have been."
by KHD May 10, 2004
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