2 Like in duece-duece which is a 22 or a gun
i pulled out my duece-duece and poped a cap in his ass
by Maurice January 17, 2003
A term used to cover up receiving a DUI.
Yeah...I got a duece so you should probably drive.
by kc-izzle March 03, 2008
Taking a shit!
After I ate that burrito, I had to drop a duece.
by Cameltoe Raider January 27, 2003
second half of a cigarette
"Yo man could I get duece on that square"
by Cizle Wizle October 20, 2006
An unattractive person, based on a scale of one to ten.
No she wasn't cute, she was a duece.
by Jay March 27, 2005
to share something between 2 people
"deuce that smoke with me"
by L- pap June 21, 2005
Seconds on anything, most commonly used when refering to running trains.
ey...eyo...yall runnin a gangsta on that bitch?...eyo i got dueces
by caso five October 27, 2005
The name of a clothing company in Maryland. Dueces, Inc (yes, spelled wrong on purpose).
Dueces clothes are made for smart asses.
by kyrsten March 28, 2008

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