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A down ass crew formed into a family to support and promote underground music with the help of Due Radio and the promotion of members and artists all supporting each other to be heard and experienced by others.
Due you support the cause that needs to be heard by Duece Entertainment
by Jayson Nguyen April 03, 2008
Well I set up Duece Entertainment because I've seen tons of myspace fams and entertainments being set up saying that they support it's artists but in reality they die because they too into themselves and getting their selves ahead. Duece Ent is about supporting all the artists not just their selves and bringing the fans and artists and supporters closer together. To you it may be another myspace fam but for us, it's our way of being spread to the world more. Through the help of other artists and the supporters we will be able to showcase all our artists to different types of people not just the fan base that each artist has on their own.
Duece Entertainment is the name, recognized or be ashamed!
by Jayson Nguyen April 03, 2008
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