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A. An infectious disease attained by too much interaction with stupid people.
B. Watching too much True TV for an extended time period.
A. "Dude, I hanged out with the skaters too long, now I got the dudlies!"
B. Guy1: "I spent all weekend on the sofa watching True TV... I think I got the dudlies"
Guy2 "Dude, that's contagious."
by Hahaha Muncher January 26, 2011
Homely, Lame, odd, weird.

Often used to describe co-workers to people.
A major insult calling someone a complete loser.
Ex1: John: So what's it like at McDick's?
Jim: Totally Lame. Half the kids there are so dudly.

Ex2: Greg: Dude, Check that chick out.
Ben: I dunno, brah, she looks kinda dudly.
by oo0O!!!1!o March 16, 2009
a guy with a terrible mustache commonly referred to as a pedostache or molestache, which he refuses to shave. He constantly moves his hand up and down from his head to the table then denies doing it. A dudly contains more drama than the kardashian sisters.
Me:Dude check out that dudly over there he is totes a loser
Friend: I know man look at the way he things his pedostache is cool as he tries to hit on those girls.
by the wizard of pcis April 15, 2013
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