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For those of you that need the language of dudese explained:
dude (normal dude)
meaning: in recognition of something pleasant (sometimes just randomly)

DUDE!!! (spoken loudly with enthusiasm)
meaning: "check this out," or, "an exciting event"

duuuuuuude (spoken quietly and with reverence)
meaning: in recognition of a negative event or circumstance

dude! (spoken in a short, raspy tone) with a sharp jerk of the head
meaning: to show annoyance or frustration

duuuUUde! (spoken in crescendo)
meaning: usually leading up to a question

DUUuude... (spoken in annoyance)
meaning: in recognition of a stupid event

" " (silent dude)
meaning: in a state of shock from something just seen, heard, or experienced(example: a girl)

dude” (quiet, not completely silent, dude)
meaning: “come here, I need to talk to you”

duUUUude (voice travels up and down)
meaning: in recognition of a dumb, stupid person; “retard”
by MissGum August 02, 2005
Language created by the online gaming community to reflect being a "hip" online player.
Dude, that run was l33t. Naggy got pwn3d. Wat j00 doin l8r?
That's speaking dudese
by Eryck65 October 29, 2005