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A conundrum indeed. "Dude-Javi...bro" has been used in more contexts than I care to recall. But there is one consistent message conveyed whenever "Dude-Javi-bro" is uttered. That message is either along the vein of really positive, such as something exceptionally cool or amazing or shocking that transpired, or something negative, as if someone just buggled and screwed up.
Example for I:
You step outside your car on to the cool ground of dusk as you stroll into a party destined to be rife with ganja and brew. And then the words "Dude-Javi-bro" escape your mouth and just fit perfectly in the scenario.

Example II (the negative one)
You just finish a sweet bowl out of lux and everyone is real faded. Your bro starts to load another bowl, meanwhile some guy in the car (or house or whatever venue) accidentally knocks the entire bowl out onto the ground/carpet. Then a rosy faced and disappointed bro exclaims "Dude!-Javi-bro" a-mix with a slur of other obscene remarks and gestures.
by Chadbro April 14, 2008
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