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The ultimate bro. Dude Man Bro is a bromosapien from the ancient and distant land of monbrolia where he was a brofessional singer for the brolling stones. He enjoys crushing pussy, kegs, and golf balls while drinking brotein shakes. His only flaw is his ego emissions which are damaging the brozone layer.
Friend 1:How is this guy picking up all these chicks?
Friend 2: Because he's Dude Man Bro.
by richcarts July 27, 2010
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any person who is overly surfer and uses the words "dude" "man" and "bro" in excess.

also can be said mockingly to sarcastically describe someone.

can be pronounced as a chain as well, such as "dudemanbromandudebroman"

john: aww dude the surf is awesome man we need to shred some waves bro

wayne: alright dudemanbro.


joe: dude my long hair keeps getting in my eyes man

jimmy: awww duemanbromandude i feel you.
by puzzlewithoutpie July 16, 2008
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A phrase uttered when all other phrases have been exhausted. When in a state of total shock and attempting to describe a situation to another individual.

May also be used in a joking manner making fun of one who may utter said phrase.
1. Dude, man, bro...she just told me she has AIDS...

2. Dude man bro, stop touching me in my secret spot!
by Nzo August 20, 2008
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An aesthetic and cultural phenomenon that plagued Center Line High School in the 2008-2009 school year.

Reliable rumor has it that some time in 2008 a nameless young lady greeted a young man's mother in the recognizable phrase, "Hey dude!"

Some months later, another young man caught wind of this mighty tale, and combined his artistic vision with the other young man's entrepreneurial spirit to create a remarkable product: DUDE MAN BRO T-shirts.

The shirts, embossed on the front side with this articles namesake, featured a mysterious wizard on the back for reasons unknown. However, one thing is certain: the wizard had a loosely hung frame and a promiscuous look in its eye.

Within weeks of the T-shirt's production, DUDE MAN BRO became a moniker for dastardly and cunning behavior with a lack of respect for authority. DMB and its members led an unprecedented movement that has since been unmatched by any students to set foot in the institution.
Student 1: Here comes the DUDE MAN BRO crew down the hallway!

Student 2: And they are wearing their shirts!

Student 1: They are in uniform today.
by The Honorable Liam July 23, 2011
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Dudemanbro the highest compliant to a friend. Best of the best friend
DudeManBro.. your the best
by johnkiddles April 25, 2009
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usually a bro but more specifically a larger, dumber one. One that trys to fit in way too hard with his; black spikey haired, star tattooed, knee-high black socked, studded white belt, last name in vinyl on the rear window of my truck, tank-top wearing, I'm white but I listen to gangster rap, more facial piercings than a chick, peers but is either too large to physically wear the latest trends and styles, or simply chooses to buy smaller clothes in order to appear ripped in the eyes of other bros. The term is used by outsiders forced into social contact with these dude man bros. Even though it is a direct diss, it can be said in front of them, because it blends harmoniously with thier regional dirt people diction.
non DMB: "Hey Dude Man Bro thats some sick ink you got there! But last time I checked a star had 5 points... not 6"

DMB: "Yeah Bro! I know! I was F-ed up!... haw-haw"

by sly858 February 08, 2008
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1/2 man, 1/2 dude, and 1/2 bro, they are often seen skateboarding, surfing, chilling, or getting rad. Favorite words include "stout" "chea" "yeah buddy" and "shralp the gnar."
Yo dudemanbro, lets go get rad tomorrow!
by Edubsoup June 13, 2012
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