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The amount of Chill or Dudeness you have. 11 is the highest level. The drink that relates to Dude'itude is the White Russian. All slackers, Dudes, or/and hippies try to be a the Dude'itude level of 11.
The Big Lebowski (A.K.A The Dude) has a Dude'itude level of 11.
by Arreo The Viking February 02, 2007
When a woman takes on the same attitude, thoughts, actions as a male
"yea we went out to dinner n it was lovely n then back to his, we slept together now im kinda not interested"

"Woah babe, u got a bit of a dude-i-tude"
by CFWill January 13, 2010
The hypothetical way of countering Bieber Fever, or any heartthrob group, with classic rock (Sonic Boom episode 39)
The dude-I-tude cured my Bieber Fever! I can finally watch South Park without feeling guilty!
by A guy September 22, 2015
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