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1. A nickname for any male aquaintance, friend or stranger, usually in a somewhat favorable light.
2. An expression of awe.
3. A city person, usually wealthy, attempting to pass as a cowboy, adventurer or otherwise rugged type. Usually dressed in new, expensive outdoor wear, without a single scratch or trace of dirt to indicate prior use.

From the Irish Gaelic word "duud," meaning an oddly dressed person or clown.
1. Dude, can you move over a bit?
2. Duuuuude!!!
3. The New York dude is here again in his shiny chaps and ridiculous Brooks Bros. stetson.
by Gramatkon September 17, 2006
6 7
word that a stoner/skater/surfer/prep say one thousand times a day.
Girl- Ohmygawd, dude, Jenny was so like crushin on him like ohmigawd dude whats up. uh get my gloss.

Stoner- dude.

Skater- (busts ass) duuuuuude.

Surfer- (drowns) du *gurgle* ude
by That freakin loser January 11, 2006
13 14
To those you use it all the time, it is a word for all occasions.
- the universal pronoun.
- the end to all sentences.
- a word that describes anything
- a name for everyone you know... and those you don't know.

To those who know its true hidden meaning, it is used to describe the few and the proud of the male gender who aren't like your typical guy. Strong, sensitive, fun-loving, whatever a girl is looking for, without the usual ass-holeness. In short, one in a million, the pinicale of perfection... gay/bi/or straight.

antonym: guy, jerk, player, typical guy

synonyms: nice guy, white knight

see also: white knight syndrome
- That dude just hit my car
- So I ran past the truck and... dude.
- Man, that's so... dude!
- Hey, Dude, pass me a cold one!

- "You're not just a guy, you're a dude.
by Andrew Radak October 06, 2005
7 8
A term used mostly by stoners surfers skaters, white people and other ethnicities that are not black or don't like rap or hip hop
1.Dude she was awsome.
2.Dude you're tripping like your mom.
3.Dude your mom was awsome.
by Dinasty August 30, 2005
6 7
1. n. Male human
2. pron. Term of endearment as friend, chum, pal, brother.
3. interj. Exclaiming profound emotion.
1. Butler: I'm sorry sir, who is it you are reffering to?
Eddie Murphy: The dude in the other car. That dude right there!
2. What is up, dude?
3. You won a million dollars?? DUDE!
by Joe January 04, 2005
22 23
Dood n.

Old West, circa 1870s term for east coast, tarted up yanks gone west, to either get dirty up to their arse or get killed, while pursuing some futile gold rush.
Where the fuck did the DUDE get killed?
At the fucking creek, where the DUDE went down on one hell of a mother fucking gold strike to fucking hell, the fucking cocksucker.
by Tristan December 21, 2004
20 21
term of endearment

used to express affection. brotherhood
dude, just listen to loveline one night and you'll fill up the whole dictionary.
by dude December 19, 1999
9 10