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When a girl attracts men all the time, without much effort. Similar to the phrase "Babe-magnet", but for a lady.
Man 1: Oi mate, that Charlie, she's a total dude magnet, rakes them in by the pub-full.

Man 2: Not surprised, look at the arse on that!
by Pes-you-dow-nim October 28, 2011
Like when someone calls you a dragon chaser, because they hate the fact that your slayin it, so you lock them out and they eventually retreat to the closet for repeated stem hit.

That person is a dude magnet.
Guy 1 :Bro, im going for a mish.

Guy 2 :What a dude

'dude' - short for dude magnet
by Dude MAG January 02, 2011
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