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The act of wrapping duct tape around a hamster, than painfully having sexual relations with it. the duct tape is necessary to avoid any potential full-body hamster splitting
John: "When enjoying my glass of brandy just yestermonth, I thought of a swell idea."
Thomas: "Do tell, John."
John: "T'was what I call the duct tape trick! Yes, Rofus and I are quite happy together."
Thomas: "Needless to say you must have been quite inebriated when you decided this John"
John: "I concur."
by max bamberger December 01, 2005
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What a redneck Magician loves to perform, this is their world-famous act. They throw a huge coil or string of duct tape into their cowboy hat, and pull out a cobra!
Howl do yall like that? Uh Cobruh!
by Fuck u asshole August 17, 2004

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